Buying and Selling Land Made Simple.

No Fuss. No Ads. No Time Wasted.
It’s as easy as that. Finally.

A place where those who want to buy land to develop or rent can make it happen. And if you already have land you would like to profit from, you can quickly enter an active market.




Land Trader is purpose-built to help make deals happen quickly and securely. It lets anyone buy and sell land without fuss. And frequent, expert advice helps best connect landowners with buyers and tenants.

Land Trader wants to make buying and selling land accessible to everyone. It aims to cut the time spent trawling through irrelevant listings and checking different places. It wants you to only have to speak to genuine would-be buyers or sellers. As well as being able to talk to agents and service providers, in the same place.

Here’s what Land Trader makes easy:


Land Trader will help you buy land in the UK that matches your search criteria. Listings will be detailed and verified. This means you can confidently negotiate with rated sellers.


The buying community is focused and engaged. You get all this: FREE to list, Auctions Available, Valuation Tools, Negotiation Tools and Multi-Site Case Management Tools for Professionals.


24 hour access to all the specialised land developing services you could need. From Finance and Planners to Arborists and Architects, you can engage with trusted Land Trader professionals.


Rural specialists will list on Land Trader. This will finally make your dream of a smallholding of farm land a reality. Agricultural land rental opportunities can be tendered for and secured too.


Advice from industry experts is built into Land Trader. This gives you the practical steps and tools to value, negotiate, close and complete your land transactions.


All the conversation about your sites will be kept in one place. This means an  end to multiple email chains, voicemails and snail mail.


Land Trader is approaching the final stages of development. Make sure you know when the site launches by pre-registering.